Marceline the Vampire Queen

Marceline the Vampire Queen is a 1000 year old vampire queen. She is friends with many of the folks in Ooo, including Finn, Jake, The Duke of Nuts and Princess Bubblegum. She seems to own many of the homes in Ooo, including a cave full of bat bugs and even Finn and Jake’s own tree fort.

Marceline is first seen in “Evicted!” in which she flies in through the window and takes a seat in between Finn and Jake. After a short conversation about travels, vampires and shades of red, Marceline somehow lights up the room with candles. Then she evicts Finn and Jake and they are forced to flee into odd places like clouds, rivers and beehives. Then they find a cave which they move into, and then invite their friends into their new home. Marceline bursts in, and shows Finn and Jake that this home too belongs to her. Finn yells at Marceline that Jake is his home, so Marceline takes Jake too. Finn roars at Marceline, and a battle ensues that is won by Finn, but oddly Marceline laughs, compliments everyone’s battle, and tells Finn and Jake that they can have their home back. Marceline is back in “Henchman” in which Finn takes the place of her old henchman, and Marceline appears even more evil than before at first, but Finn later discovers that Marceline is actually quite nice, and does things like sucks the red from a bowtie of a man who wanted it white, sings songs for babies and slays evil plants, however she tricks Finn into believing things like she was going to kill the man with the bowtie, she was going to lead an army of the dead into the Nut Duchy, and that Finn was to slay the cute little dimple plant (which eventually turns large and evil). In “A Memory of a Memory” Marceline is seen as a little girl after the mushroom wars, sitting in a ruined city. When Marceline was a teenager, her dad ate her fries which made her viciously angry and in “It came from the Nightosphere” Marceline sings a song about it. Later, she moved into a tree fort (which Finn and Jake move into later) with her boyfriend Ash but later breaks up with Ash because he sold Flambo, her greatest possession. Marceline was revealed to have spiked ears like a goblin in “Go with me” after she had a haircut. In “Video Makers” Marceline is one of Finn and Jake’s movie night guests, although she is the only one who doesn’t actually appear in Finn and Jake’s movies. In “It came from the Nightosphere” Marceline has an embarrassing time trying to stop her dad from stealing souls, and in “Go with me” Marceline is Finn’s date to the couples only movie night. In the episode, Marceline calls PB Bonnibel, making it clear that that is PB’s real name. Marceline appears once again in “Heat Signature” along with her ghost friends. Marceline’s ghost friends are some of the only friends Marceline has besides Finn and Jake. In “What was Missing” Marceline helps to undercover Finn and Jake’s mystery, and sings a song about wanting to drink the red from Princess Bubblegum’s face.

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