Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess

Lumpy Space Princess (known to her friends as LSP) is the princess that is in the episodes second to most. She is a Lumpy Space Person (Lumpy, deep voiced creatures with a star on their foreheads).

LSP first appears in “Trouble in Lumpy Space” in which they’re having a tea party, and LSP bites Jake. Finn and Jake have to find the antidote. In “Prisoners of Love” LSP is captured by the Ice King, and eventually saved by Finn and Jake. In “Ricardio the Heart Guy” LSP is given the “Best Friend Massage” by the odd Ricardio (Ice King’s escaped heart). In “Business Time” her cries for help can be heard on the Hero Monitor, and in “What is Life?” she is shown in the Ice King’s Imagination Zone, showing NEPTR all the princesses NEPTR could capture if he decides to be the Ice King’s son. In Finn and Jake’s flashback in “The Eyes” they remember going to a Lumpy Space quinceanara with LSP. LSP also makes an appearance in “Loyalty to the King” when she fancies the Nice King. She and the Nice King tell Finn to punch her till she’s “smooth”. LSP makes a cameo appearance in “Power Animal” as one of Finn and Jake’s roof party guests, and later in “The Other Tarts” grabbing a doughnut in the galaxy of Ooo. LSP is once again seen in “Mortal Recoil” on cameo, and “Let’s Work Together” helping Finn and Jake destroy the wand. She makes yet again another appearance in “To Cut a Woman’s Hair”, half asleep and living in the woods, so Finn asks her if she has hair, though he sees that she does, and begins to cut her hair. LSP wakes up and thinks that Finn is in love with her. Finn, gobsmacked, tells Lumpy Space Princess that he is not, and LSP says that if he wants her lumps he must put a ring on her finger. LSP chases Finn out into the forest. She is one of the movie night’s guests in “Video Makers” and stars in Finn and Jake’s movie. She is seen in “Hitman” when Ice King tells Scorcher to hit her and/or Ghost Princess, because they are Ice King’s least favourite princesses. LSP is seen again in “Wizard Battle” on cameo, as one of the audience. LSP stars as a major character in “The Monster” in which she runs away from home to live in the forest with wolves, and Finn and Jake try to save her. In “The Creeps” LSP is a guest in the creepy Halloween party with a creepy ghost host, and in “From Bad to Worse” Lumpy Space Princess is one of the last survivors. Lumpy Space Princess is the first character in the whole of Adventure Time to call Princess Bubblegum “P.B.”


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