Balloon adventure time


Balloons are a species in Adventure Time that generally pop up in different episodes. Some Balloons appear in “Ricardio the Heart Guy” in the “PARTY TIME” part. More Balloons appear in “What is Life?” with a far more major role. They appear in the title sequence, and as it shows, take Finn and Neptr to the Ice Kingdom. The Balloons make Finn bash himself on a mountain, and Finn says “Neptr, take note; these Balloons are grade-A pranksters”. They prank Finn again later on, when Finn jumps out of the Ice Mountain. One of them claims to have stolen Finn’s wallet. Apparently, they have a blood oath with Finn but he releases it when they take him and Neptr home. The Balloons shout out that they are going to the Mesosphere – “finally we can die!”.

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